IndoctriNation (DVD)

    IndoctriNation (DVD)

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    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 102 minutes

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    If you're not ready to take a hard look at the true state of public education, you will want to avoid this unflinching and highly controversial documentary. But that would be a mistake!

    Most Christian children attend a public school. Their families have a vested interest in all that happens there. Join Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn a home school father of seven on a field trip across the USA. Driving an old school bus, Colin and family travel across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of America's public education system. Colin asks:
    • Who established the American Public Schools system?
    • Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools?
    • Are the public schools religiously neutral?
    • Shouldn't Christian kids be “salt and light” in the Schools?
    • Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed?

    Featuring compelling interviews with teachers, administrators, parents, and other whistleblowers, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating. Above all it is both an encouragement and challenge to the millions of Christians who need to know what God's Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation. You will want to give this DVD to every parent you know.

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    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 102 minutes
    • Publisher: Gunn Productions, 2011
    • Dimensions: 7 1/2", 5 1/4", 1/2"
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