God Bless America (CD)

    God Bless America (CD)

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 43 minutes

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    One of the best CDs from the SMS men’s choral group, God Bless America is a fourteen song compilation of the greatest and best loved American hymns. Complete with rousing renditions of all the patriotic classics, these performances are an inspiring tribute to God for His mercy that grants us unprecedented freedom in the United States of America.

    Track Titles

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    1. America the Beautiful
    2. My Country ’Tis of Thee
    3. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
    4. You’re A Grand Old Flag
    5. Wave the Flag
    6. Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
    7. God Bless America
    8. The Battle Cry of Freedom
    9. God of Our Fathers
    10. Eternal Father, Strong to Save
    11. Battle Hymn of the Republic
    12. US Army Anthem
    13. The Star-Spangled Banner
    14. Blessed Is the Nation

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 43 minutes
    • Publisher: Sacred Music Services, 2000
    • Dimensions: 5 3/4", 5", 1/2"
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