Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum Set 7-9

    Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum Set 7-9

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    • Format: 3 softcovers

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    This newly-developed resource examines the character of God as portrayed in His Word and illustrated in the lives of the men and women in Scripture. Each booklet includes:

    • Character quality definition and application
    • Four Bible lessons for each character quality
    • Hymn & Hymn History
    • Coloring pages
    • Memory Verses
    • Fun Activities

    This set contains the following character qualities:

    The corresponding hymn with sheet music is part of the character study. Children will enjoy the accompanying hymn history about how either the author or the hymn reflects the featured quality. This new series is easy to use and includes practical applications for daily living. The booklet series corresponds with July, August, and September of the 2018 Biblical Character Illustrated Calendar.

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    • Format: 3 softcovers
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2018
    Product Code: BCS79
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