Before You Meet Prince Charming - Updated Edition!

    Before You Meet Prince Charming - Updated Edition!

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 288 pages

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    It’s never too early to prepare for God’s best in the area of marriage. While many books now address courtship, these might not apply or be age appropriate for a preteen or young woman. She simply needs a big sister to guide her on how to treasure the vulnerable yet valuable years before she meets her prince charming.

    Sarah Mally is that big sister. She begins each chapter with an interest-catching allegory of a princess who is tempted to forsake her father’s guidance for the world’s second best. In a simple yet winsome way, she encourages young ladies to guard and cultivate their hearts.

    Filled with testimonies and sometimes-humorous illustrations, this book challenges a young woman to be pure, patient, and purposeful—not only for her future husband but also for Christ, her true Prince Charming.

    This edition includes 16 pages with exciting new content!

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 288 pages
    • Publisher: Tomorrow's Forefathers, 2006
    • ISBN: 0-9719405-4-1
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-9719405-4-3
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