Ten Steps to End Financial Pressures

    Ten Steps to End Financial Pressures


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    In today's financial world, it is almost impossible to avoid financial pressures because the world's system is based on using money for security, and God never designed money for this purpose.

    You can put an end to the worry, anguish, and disillusionment of the world's way of getting money by taking the time-tested but little-traveled path of true financial prosperity.

    Our financial pressures begin when we seek to take care of our financial needs with our own efforts and ingenuity. However, when we sincerely give God the ownership of all of our assets, and diligently follow his way to prosperity, we will bypass all of the pressures in today's financial world. Vital skills are needed to learn how to do this, and that is what this book is about.

    by Bill Gothard
    Soft cover; 47 pages
    IBLP Publications

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