No-Guesswork Cooking Cookbook

    No-Guesswork Cooking Cookbook


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    Are you tired of mediocre recipes? Do you struggle to fit menu planning and cooking into your day? Do you cook for a wide range of group sizes? If so, this book is exactly what you are looking for!

    From cover to cover you will find fail-proof, fully tested, and accurately seasoned recipes for favorite American foods. The guesswork is taken out of cooking through precise measurements, clear instructions, reliable temperatures and timing, and accurate yield.

    The meals and menus encourage a proper balance between nutrition, good taste, eye appeal, efficiency in preparation, and cost control.

    The unique part of this cookbook is that every recipe is given in at least two sizes: family size (6-12 servings) and large-group size (approximately 50 servings).

    By Kim Cahill
    Seven-Ring Easel Binder; 414 pages

    IBLP, 2004

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    Sample Recipe
    Sunshine Pancakes
    Sample Recipe
    Chicken Vegetable Lasagna

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